HASS Wiki (Unofficial)

I have made a HASS Wiki site. This is still very much a work in progress, with many more features yet to come. My motivation to do this was to make it easier for everyone to find hardware/firmware that would suit their needs,

The reason why I chose a wiki was it just made sense to allow everyone to add to the listings.

At this stage the following is available:

  • Hardware listings broken down into categories.
  • Add suppliers to each product (Affiliate links are fine)
  • Pre-made form for hardware submissions.

Working on

  • Filtered tables, for each manufacturer, sortable.
  • Sortable tables for shop listings per item.
  • Still deciding on what to do with the firmware page.
    And more…

As above, this is still very much a work in progress. Any feedback, suggestions or issues please post in here.

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Nice idea, but I think this should fall under the governance of @balloob for continuity reasons…

Sorry, how do you mean? Do you mean run by @balloob?

Maybe my reply was a little bit too short. I think your wiki is a great idea as it makes home assistant info easier to find. This solves a problem in the general setup of information. The issue I am having with a separate setup is that it tries to solve a gap (or problem) in the overall Homeassistant documentation. Solving this on an external website should not be the way forward, this should be done on the existing documentation.
If you maintain that wiki yourself you will probably find yourself updating stuff all day long. As Homeassistant is a community driven project in my opinion such a wiki should be driven by the community too and should be available on the home-assistant.io domain name…

Do note: this is just my personal view on the topic!

Always open to feedback.
This is why I chose to use a wiki, if the community chooses to contribute and update then they can, if it’s just me, then that’s ok too. I certainly didn’t start this presuming it would take off. I rely heavily on what members in here have said about the hardware choices they have made.

Again. Happy and open to any feedback.

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I wonder if the project would be better to leverage the github wiki system, given that the project is based on gihub.

Also, beware the wiki. They often start with a hiss and a roar, but over time become out of date, unreliable and plain wrong. Believe me, as a member of team-kodi, I know this for sure!

I did consider tbe github wiki, but it didn’t give me the level of flexibility i needed with the customizations.
I am not even close to having my site do what i want it to do. It will take time. Lots of work. But it’s something i enjoy.
I am being cautiously optimistic.

Please believe me I am not against your efforts at all. Please don’t take it as a criticism.

No no. Not at all. Thankyou.

Just to add, there are two types of wiki user

  1. Those who go in with a rush and make a whole lot of useful pages - unfortunately they don’t always update them.

  2. Those that realise that a page is wrong, but aren’t sure enough to fix it.

Good luck, when I stop being so busy at work I may get an account and try to be the perfect user :slight_smile:

I am more expecting point 2.
I am in the process of getting a bot ready to monitor old posts and flag them for review, then displaying those pages on the front page. Hoping that this will prompt myself or others to review and resubmit.

Still tweaking the forms. A wiki may seem daunting to use to many, as the wikitext can be a little confusing. Hence the forms. Working on information through simplicity. Well dor the user anyway.

Have adjusted the permissions, so it it more a wiki and not so much a CMS.
Basically, you do not need to be registered anymore to add or edit content, per a standard wiki. However there are systems in place to monitor this site, so we can pounce on and ban any vandals.

that’s a bad idea it could get full of unwanted stuff

There are things in place to minimise this. However i will be keeping an eye on it and see how it goes. It’s easy enough to change the permissions again.