Hassbian and OZWCP and Aeotec Minimote

I just finished installing the latest hassbian which includes support for Open Zwave devices. And true, I have a GE switch which was detected right away. But I own a Aeotec Minimote which I assume you cannot configure it through Home Assistant. Rather you need OZWCP. So my questions are the following:

  1. is OZWCP pre installed in the latest hassbian or do I need to install it?

  2. If already installed, where it it. Or if I need to install it, what is the recommended guide?

  3. Is my assumption that I need OZWCP correct?



1 - As I understand it is available to install via a single command once you have installed Hassbian

2 - Guide here… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCGlQSsQ-Mc

3 - Yes and No - you need OZWCP, but some (most, if not all) configuration can be done from HA

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@benquan you should not need OZWCP to set up the Minimote. You can add it through the ZWave menu in HASS and change to scene mode from the ZWave section of the Configuration menu. Leave out OZWCP as it is totally unnecessary on all but the most obscure settings. Installing Hasbian and then Zwave with the PIP option is far quicker and long term less messy.

Thanks Zarthan will give a try.

I have 4 of them and expecting another tomorrow.

I added the remote to the stick, but all I get is:


Sleeping (Probe) lastResponseRTT: 0
averageRequestRTT: 0
is_failed: false
is_ready: false
query_stage: Probe
receivedCnt: 0
receivedUnsolicited: 0
sentCnt: 1
receivedDups: 0
sentTS: 2017-06-04 05:36:28:256
averageResponseRTT: 0
retries: 0
lastRequestRTT: 0
receivedTS: 2017-06-04 05:36:27:260
is_zwave_plus: false
is_awake: false
node_id: 3
capabilities: beaming
is_info_received: false
max_baud_rate: 40000
sentFailed: 1

Is this correct? zwave.__3 would be my device ID?

Restart HASS and perform a couple of manual wake-ups. Then the device should display correctly.