Hassbian commandline switch ssh to other system

hi! how to implement on hassbian the commandline switch to execute a programm on other raspberry? sudo ssh not working…
when running hass with all in one installer and root it was working…
ssh [email protected] “/opt/command.sh”

sudo is disabled for homeassistant user, so that wouldn’t work. But I don’t think you need sudo to run ssh. Your command should work as is. Have you tried it as homeassistant user?

Hi, yes tried with Pi User and was ok. Su homeassistant is not Working in shell. Because of not having password and i Think it should Not be Used…

Have you generated a key for the homeassistant user with ssh-keygen?

Nope. How could it be done when Not able to Login?

Copy Key to ~ .ssh? This I havent tried… will try tomorrow…

Switching to homeassistant user is done with

sudo su -s /bin/bash homeassistant

Other common tasks for hassbian are described here

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:ok_hand: jepp… thx… works perfekt

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since the latests release common tasks pages have been deleted.

Is someone have copy those instructions ?


It isn’t so pretty, but you can look at the git commit before it was deleted

Really thank you for your answer :+1: