Hassbian for Heat Pump Monitoring with Husdata H1 i/f

Hello Team,

I am new this area of technology but am extremely impressed! We have a Worcester Bosch heat pump here which has been using a huge amount of electricity. Although I have quite a bit of experience with programming languages, neither Python nor MQTT and similar are familiar to me.

Although there are published hardware interfaces available, I decided to purchase one specifically for the heat pump’s REGO controller from Husdata in Sweden to be used with a Raspberry Pi. The necessary Python programs were supplied including the interfacing to MQTT and the code required to interrogate the controller. For quite a while I wondered why I could not get access to the necessary tools (including compiler) to get the system running. I eventually realised that I had used the HASS.IO version when really needed the more basic Hassbian installation. I would just like to make sure that anyone who has a go at monitoring such heat pumps need to be aware of the limitations of the more “protected” hass.io implementation.

However, I look forward to using Home Assistant as a hub for home automation. I am getting my head around the fundamentals and the scope is huge! So thank you to the many people who have contributed!

I’m afraid I can’t help about the heat pump, but we are having quite a discussion about the ‘getting started’ page on this thread. If you would like to spare the time to give your input, I think it would be quite useful