Hassbian image or jessie/all in one installer ? vote!

Guys straight

What is better route to go at this stage? all the installation videos seems flawless( probably million edits ) to show how easy it is to get HA working, I have been struggling for a week now and nothing is easy. I do not understand why this stuff is not setup with all folders in correct place, user permissions, all commands ran and installed before we get a half baked image to struggle with.

Please tell me which image I have a better chance of succeeding with as Im going to give this one last try.

Unsure why your having problems. TBH the install is quite easy if you follow the guides on the website.
If you are struggling watch Bens channel which has all the steps and tips.
Hassbian is now the go to as it simplifies things but AIO is also a good option to learn more.

Hi I tried both,

as we speak im looking at the hassbian image (keyboard, mouse,screen) and it runs for 1 minute then asks for hassbian login. I have internet connected to it and in the log it says successfully connected but nothing just sits at "login "

what must i do? I went through all Bens videos.

so you have keyboard video mouse connected directly to the raspberry pi?

Once the Rpi is running you should be able to go to a browser and use http://hassbian.local:8123 to find your HASS build.

May I suggest using the gitter channel to get you going quicker.

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