Hassbian install worked but config not so much

I am new to HA and yaml but not pi or debian. I am running hassbian on a rpi3 and used the disk image provided by the site. All went well it seemed with the install. I am able to login to the web ui and it finds my Bravia TV, couple Amazon Fire Sticks and I am also able to configure it to see my plex app using X-Plex token but beyond that I can’t get anything else to work. My GPS is showing as London although in the configure the gps is set correctly (I have tried other cordinates too with no change), timezone is correct and shows no errors in config. I also have wink, sabnzbd, z-wave sensors, weather underground api and none of them show up or do anything either.

I believe all the devices I am unable to connect to require some sort of cloud access. Could this be my router blocking something? Any idea what to look for or where to start with this? I have tried messing with the config and restarting service or the entire raspberry but nothing changes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I was able to get it working but GPS still is showing London, I have tried multiple coordinates and also added and removed numbers behind the decimal point in lat and long to see if that was it but nothing is fixing it. Does this feature not work right now? My config checks out and I see nothing in the logs.

Some help would be greatly appreciated…