Hassbian setup

OK, pulling my hair out. Am a sel proclaimed Pi and HA noob - I have flashed a 16GB micro SD with the Hassbian Toybox build and inserter, put the Pi on an ethernet conneciton to my router and I see absolutly nothing, have quiereid Angry IP, Fing and router for the IP but apparent its not getting an IP. I tried to look at it boot on my PC (a long way from my router) and it boots cleanly.

I do have a wireless dongle for the Pi so wondered can I get this online wirelessly? What would the commands be?

Many Thanks!!

On first boot it first has to install home assistant, so first wait for at least 10 minutes before looking for an homeassistant ip

Thanks - I was patient, it did eventually appear, but not GUI loading, so reflashing another SD to see what i can drum up!