Hassbian....Where does the config actually save


Im new here and installed hassbian due to the fact that hassio was not installing properly on my pi3. Given that I have rassbian running successfully and started making config changes through the Webui I did notice that the configuration.yaml is not updating at all. I have restarted home assistant multiple times with no luck. I have a feeling that every change is just being written to the home-assistant_v2.db file , is this expected behavior ? or is something wrong? Thank you

I have gone one more step in renaming the home-assistant_v2.db and bringing the service back up and guess what all my config is still there even though my configuration.yaml is still default with none of my info added to it.

home-assistant_v2.db is the database file for all sensors and states. It has nothing to do with your configuration.

Lets talk about this webui. Are you referring to adding integrations? Or are you actually editing yaml files with a webgui?

It’s not going to, because the front end editor doesn’t edit that file. Anything done on the frontend is stored in the .storage directory.

That depends if he got the config editor addon, but I guess if he’s using hassbian it’s safe to assume he didn’t.

To answer the question in title, from memory, the files are saved in /home/homeassistant.

It’s been a while since I’ve used Hassbian, so I could be wrong.

Yes this is making sense now as I was able to find the .storage directory and seems like my stuff is there. So technically does that mean that if I continue to use the webui I dont have a use for the configuration.yaml ?

I did download the python script configurator.py to allow me to edit the config files to see if maybe that would show me something else but didnt.

No, you will still need the configuration.yaml for a bunch of integrations that aren’t supported by the GUI integrations page or for various other required manual configurations.

and @kanga_who was close… those configuration files are stored in “/home/homeassistant/.homeassistant”

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You don’t need any scripts to allow you to edit the yaml files in the configuration directory. They are just simple text files that you can edit with any basic text editor.

Fair enough I do understand the txt editing that is straight forward but my confusion started when I did not see any updates to the file as I configured the HA server. Makes sense though if the configuration.yaml will actually allow me to configure other Integrations not allowed through Webui