Hassbian with Hass 0.80


I recently upgraded homeassistant to 0.80 on my Hassbian. Now I cannot use the automation editor. When I click new automation it just get blank with “New Automation” up in the left corner. I cannot edit anything.
I have done everything but no success…and yes, I have the “automation: !include hassautomations.yaml” in my configuration.yaml file.
Need help on this.

Regards, Robert

Same issue here.

Same here any updates on this as some of my automations don’t work either

I think this the update you are looking for


This is not a browser problem. This occurs in all browsers i´ve tested. IE, Edge, Chrome and Firefox. Is there any known workaround for this issue?

It was a code issue, the browser mentioned was just the browser being used by the person who reported the error.

Looks like the fix has been merged into the code so should be out soon.

if you take a look here

you can see that it was released about 2 hours ago so will be available pretty soon for you to update if your using Hassio