Hassfest reports failed test, no clue what is the problem


My custom integration is at GitHub - dingo35/ha-SmartEVSEv3: Integrate SmartEVSEv3 with HomeAssistant through custom component ; for weeks my integration passed the hassfest test, but after updating the “version” tag in manifest.json, it now complains:

Integration smartevse - custom_components/smartevse:

Error: R] [MANIFEST] Manifest keys have been sorted: domain, name, then alphabetical order

Error: Process completed with exit code 1.

The change I did was minor:

   "domain": "smartevse",
   "name": "SmartEVSE-3",
-  "version": "0.0.1",
+  "version": "1.0.3",
   "documentation": "https://github.com/",
   "issue_tracker": "https://github.com/issues",
   "dependencies": [],

My manifest.json is:

  "domain": "smartevse",
  "name": "SmartEVSE-3",
  "version": "1.0.3",
  "documentation": "https://github.com/",
  "issue_tracker": "https://github.com/issues",
  "dependencies": [],
  "codeowners": ["@dingo35"],
	"zeroconf": ["_http._tcp.local."],
  "config_flow": true,
  "iot_class": "local_polling"

My hassfest.yaml is:

name: Validate with hassfest

    - cron: "0 0 * * *"

    runs-on: "ubuntu-latest"
      - uses: "actions/[email protected]"
      - uses: home-assistant/actions/[email protected]
Note that the "actions/[email protected]" used to be @v2 but that didn't solve anything.

Question 1:
Can anyone explain to me what is going wrong here? 

Question 2:
I understand I have to create a tag in github every new release, do I have to update that manifest.json version field ALSO ? Anyway to automate this?

Thanks in advance!

Ok found the problem, the error message is written by an English illiterate:
“Manifest keys have been sorted: domain, name, then alphabetical order”

Should read:
“Manifest keys should be sorted: domain, name, then alphabetical order”

…and perhaps update the numerous outdated docs floating around…

How have you solved that issue?

First question is solved by sorting manifest.json as the crippled error message says.

Second question is still unanswered…