Hassio 0.83.3 fail ( i think ) during update, now I can't restart hassio


I just updated to 0.83.3 and during the update something went wrong. The update page was just “loading”, so I took a manuel reboot, and now I can’t get it to start up.
I cant find any topic on the kinda problem.

How can I roll back to snappshot?

I’m greatfull for all the help I can get. Thanks to every one for making Hassio great.


Hi Paul

I had the same issue.
I could ping and reach the server via SAMBA but no browser connection.

I ended up disabling Hometracks in my config.yaml, restarted and all was back to normal.
I’ve read :…You have to use config flow to set up Owntracks now…" but have not looked at this yet.

Hope this helps.


ALWAYS read the breaking changes before upgrading… it’s literally the first item for this version

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Before upgrading I always ensure that my config will work with the newest version:

I didn’t know about that, very cool!.. but how / where do you run that from? The instructions are virtually non-existent

It’s an addon in the core repo. All you do is start it - there’s no parameters. The log then tells you if it’s ok - it takes forever to run though. It is normally not running - only run when you want to check

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hello all,
i don’t understand why, but hass.io is not able to upgrade from 0.81.6 to 0.83.3 on my Raspberry Pi 3 b +…
I’ve run the “Check Home Assistant configuration”, but i had nothing strange on the log…

I’ve tried also to update via SSH typing “hassio ha update”, but, for all mentioned cases, the process complete without errors, but the running version remain 0.81.6!

Please open a new thread.
I think you have a different problem.

Mine did the same thing although I gave it 2 hours to be sure it really locked up.

2nd time was ok…never lost ssh or samba like first time. it took awhile but eventually went ok.

As to how to use snapshot:
Too new to be for sure but this is how I would do it…

  1. Just build a new hass.io and then copy your snapshot to the snapshot dir and then do a restore.

I hav never used OwnTracks, I checked the changes and did the configuration test but still had the same problem when I did the 0.83.1 update. Had to rebuild the card and restore my config back-ups.