Hassio 4.10 0.110.6

Updates to Hassio 4.10 and now 0.110.6. Seems to have gone well but some fall out after a few hours. Issue with the following not responding for 4-5secs or more then coming back


Rebooted via ssh with ha host reboot and also complete ha core check

Logs only complain about HACs which is updated as well.

Anyone else or any ideas?

Restore snapshots pre 0.110.4 and OS 4.10 to see what update has made the addons fail then restart.

Is there a preferred order to do updates?

OS first
Home Assistant second
HACs third?

HACS last. The other 2 don’t really matter.

Ok reverted to 110.4 then updated directly to 110.6.

HACs now says You are running version 202006071141 of the HACS frontend, but version undefined wa?