HassIO Addon for custom ingress point?

I was trying to access something at home today whilst away for work, and was wondering if an addon or any fucntionality exists that, in a nutshell, uses the HA ingress functionality as a reverse proxy.

A use case might be wanting to view logged data on weewx, which is not publically available.
Login to HA, and use ingress (or something similar) to proxy the reqest through to the different network device running weewx.

Is such a thing possible or am I talking black magic here?


I gave it a try by adding an addon which forwards my Synology NAS login page, but couldn’t get it to work. I discussed it with Frenck on Discord and it should be possible.
If someone here can help a bit which such an addon that would really be great :pray:

Up !

could be a nice thing to be able to implement custom point !