Hassio Addon: MQTT Discovery


I have made a addon for getting hass to communicate to my comfort alarm panel using MQTT. The script i found on the internet, so that is working ok. Right now the script publishes topics for my panel and updates them. On my old HA setup i manually configured every sensor / switch and panel manually with the corect topics etc. But, i want to do this automatically using MQTT discovery. The goal is to have HA create all devices automatically.

Does anyone have links to information how /what to publish so HA is creating devices based on MQTT discovery?

Thanks in advance

@flamingm0e tnx, i was sure i have seen that page but after some better reading i found it.

Hey, @posixx, sorry for reviving an old thread but I just found your post when looking for a solution to this. I too have a Cytec Comfort alarm system that I’m trying to integrate with HA. However, I’m using a UCM/Pi and NodeRed and I’ve got it to the stage where it’s creating the entities via MQTT but I then have to customise them to get the correct device_class, etc…

Did you make any progress with this?

Hello @sota,

i’m not configuring device_class through MQTT discovery as the plugin doesn’t know the type of zone when creating the sensors. I left the plugin as generic as possible so other users can benefit from it aswell. You can get / see source of my plugin at https://github.com/posixx/hass_addons/tree/master/comfort2mqtt

Ah, OK thanks. What I’m doing in NodeRED is using the Zone Type set in Comfigurator to define the device class. For example, EntryDoor is set to “Door”, etc. At the moment, I’m doing it manually in customize.yaml but I want MQTT discovery to do it for me as a programming exercise.

Separately, thanks for adding the vacation_mode to the MQTT Alarm Control Panel integration. It’s something I was looking for and it works fine on my system. I updated the documentation for the the integration to include the new mode here: MQTT Alarm Control Panel