Hassio alarm card

good day to all, I am new to HA I am trying get evl4 and lovelace alarm card to work but with alarm card there is no keypad, help would be greatly appreciated

https://www.home-assistant.io/lovelace/alarm-panel/ ?

That has a keypad, or are you using some custom card?

I’m using the built in keypad love lace ui
I’m new to this and dont know how to add custom key pad , please can you help

Unfortunately it’s impossible to guess what you’re using, or what you’re trying to add. Please try linking to the things in question so we don’t have to try to read your mind :wink:

sorry about that , im using hassio 0.101.3 ,
I have envisalink4 connected to HA
I have enable the default alarm card in the ui of lovelace
but I’m only seeing arm and disarm on the keypad
but there is number pad is missing
cant enter code manually