Hassio and duckdns Issues


Ok so I am new to Home assistant and have been watching a lot of videos on how to set up and currently am stuck with Duckdns going to my router instead of to hassio. This is the video I used to set up along with his settings. Only difference is I am keeping my unit wired to my router.


Did you setup a port forward to your HA instance?

Did you use the duckdns add on? What does the log in that add on say?


I am fairly confident I did but also pretty confident there is something in my router im not doing properly. I am using a Linksys router which was a bit different than what the video showed. Below is what the router forwarding looks like.

I have Duckdns add on yes, and the log says everything is valid.


Do you have remote management for the router enabled?

If so, it is probably listening on port 443 as well.

Either switch remote management of the router off or choose another external port for HA.


You will need port 80-80 as well otherwise you won’t get an SSL certificate and you won’t get a connection on port 443


OK added 80-80 and now it just says connection refused.


Does your ISP block ports?


Dammit, just googled that and it seams they do block port 80. Is there anyway to get around that


Depends on the ISP… call them and ask…
(My ISP blocks ports but unblocks them on request)


Yeah I guess they wont unblock it. Seams dumb, any other way to get around it?


Is it only port 80? LetsEncrypt also supports DNS challenges so you could investigate that.


Can I investigate that by asking here how to do that?


you can try but I have not found any kind of guide or information here about that. I’d be interested in doing it myself… just because…


That’s not true. Hass.io’s Duck DNS add on does not require any port to be open for the let’s encrypt challenge.


UGH!!! You mean the DuckDNS addon, not the Caddy one… Interesting! How does it handle the challenge?


The add on uses the dehydrated client implementation which itself uses dns-01-type verification. In order to validate that you “own” the Duck DNS subdomain to the certificate authority you will be required to create a specified TXT record in your domain’s DNS zone. dehydrated does that for you.

If you have to open port 80 & 443 the client you are using probably uses the http-01-type verification.

Do it the other way around. Check which ports are not blocked by your ISP and use one of these instead. Make sure to update your router config to adjust the port forwarding accordingly and of course your configuration.yaml.


Ok scratch that, not sure where to go from here to get duckdns and let’s encrypt to work. Im currently getting the error below and have gone so far as to restart and follow each step again.



Ok update as ive been looking through and reading over everyone else issues. I am able to use my internet IP address and port to log in to home assistant off my home network. I still cannot use my duckdns address because of an SSL error


restart the duck dns add-on and check the logs. is it running successfully or does it log some kind of error messages? is your current public ip address the one your duck dns sub domain points to?


Weird ok, I just restarted duckdns and now im getting this in the log. Now im just completely stumped.

INFO: Using main config file /data/workdir/config

ERROR: Lock file ‘/data/workdir/lock’ present, aborting.