Hassio and x10

I’m admittedly a noob here when it comes to getting used to HASS. I had been toying with migrating and happened to migrate right when Hass.io was released. I have zwave switches in the areas of the house that aren’t reachable from the x10 CM11a. Configuring Hass.io on my Pi3, I’ve been able to activate my Samsung TV, both Rokus, Arlo, all my zwave devices and MyQ, but have struggled to figure out how to get Hass.io to recognized my CM11a.

Best that I can tell is to use HeyU, but am I able to download and install that behind Hass.io on the Pi? When I open Putty, it doesn’t give me the ability to type in the window from my Windows machine. Resources not using HeyU that I’ve pulled up are using Mochad for the CM15a or the Firecracker which I’m unsure work with the CM11a. Anyone have some info that could help? Thanks.

I’m just looking at this. I managed to download Heyu, but not managed to build it yet. Seems ‘make’ is not available. Does hass.io allow building from source?

Its my understanding is it doesn’t. I gave up and switched to Hassbian. It works great with HeyU. I can control X10 and Zwave effortlessly.

Looks like it won’t work unless someone could produce an add-on. I have used Hassbian before, but hassio just looked easier to manage. I need to set that up again.