Hassio API vs Hassio CLI (Snapshots)

I’ve trying to leverage some of the functions available in the CLI in a NodeRED flow. I’m not a Go developer but looking the source code for the CLI it appears to leverage a REST interface that looks like the Hassio API. Is that correct?

In particular I’m trying to manage Hassio snapshots, so need things like sn info and delete, and ideally download (which the CLI doesn’t appear to have but I’m sure exists, not least since you can download snapshots from the UI).

Is the full suite of Hassio Snapshot CLI/API functions available to eg NodeRED? If so any tips on how to leverage it?

Bonus question: I can only see service endpoints to run partial and full snapshots. There seems to be many different interfaces for snapshots, which is probably adding to my confusion. Is there an architecture 101 that would help me better understand how everything sits?

Some progress - the issue for me was that the built in Node-RED account wasn’t allowed to access the snapshot API. Creating a new connection with a new token gave me access.

But is there any API to list snapshots, or info about them? I can only find the (undocumented) services