Hassio as appliance on HyperV - running, but no zwave usb

I have hassio running on hyperv as an appliance. It runs fine. But now I need to have my zwave dongle (USB) which is connected to the hyperv host available in the hassio appliance (VM)… but it seems hyperv does not support usb pass through. Any one has any usable tip or suggestion?

Hi Zender,

Im using vmware on a NUC with on the USB port a zwave stick and a rfxcom. Both works very fine and using USB passtrough.

Thank you for your reply.

Vmware is not Hyperv

I literally just ran into this same issue. Everything I google seems to tell me that I can’t pass through a USB device to a Hyper-V VM, and that I should use VirtualBox instead (something about it being a Type 1 vs Type 2 hypervisor…?). Very frustrating.