Hassio Connection to InfluxDB Add-On from outside Docker

Home Assistant OS 6.1, supervisor-2021.06.6, core-2021.6.6, InfluxDB (4.1.1) using Hass.io with the VMWare OVF HassOS image

I’ve installed the InfluxDB add-on and got it pulling in my HA metrics directly, but I’ve been trying to set up another database in InfluxDB, and get the Influx server to accept connections from my local LAN (192.168.1.X). Because I’m running the managed OS Influx has been installed into a docker container and I can connect to the instance but I’m fairly sure it’s tied into the 172.30.32.X LAN all my other docker containers for other services seem to use for HA to access their UIs.

I’ve tried running docker exec (container ID) ip addr and this works for things like deconz to tell me the local interface, but fails to run on my InfluxDB container. My plan was to use nginx and proxy the requests via the HA interface that does connect to my local LAN (192.68.1.X) into InfluxDB but as I can’t even find out its docker LAN IP I’m at a loss.

Can anyone steer me toward how I can get the InfluxDB add-on routable on my local LAN, so I can have my raspberry pi send it data?


did you ever find a solution to this? I want to do the same thing, but can’t workout how to do it. nothing I try works.