Hassio containers? / How do version numbers work?

They have spoken, and I believe it makes my previous statement correct. HassIO runs in containers. Not on, not over, IN

> Hass.io runs partly on your local machine, but for most parts inside multiple containers. All installation types we list, respect this.

Link may have already been posted… I could be running in second place…

? Nowhere in the Update 2019-12-18 post do they mention “in” other than in the " We DO NOT support" section.

The official stance seems to be “on”:

This also includes running Hass.io on Linux using the Generic Linux installer, which is a supported method.
Hass.io runs partly on your local machine, but for most parts inside multiple containers.

So it runs “on” linux, and “inside multiple containers” implying inside more than one docker container, but not inside docker as a whole. Which makes sense.

Did you follow the link? or read the QUOTE? It was taken directly from the blog post. They say INSIDE (same as IN)

Yup. It links to the Update 2019-12-181 update.

I could paste in the results of a Ctrl-F for “in” here, but I already mentioned all relevant parts of it in my previous post.

Interesting they are throwing shade at the Whiskerz Proxmox script there…


I think it’s just ridiculous arguing if it’s IN or ON… no difference in this context IMO… (not having a go here Dave… I also always use IN but this thread is just attacking that ONE WORD - not you)

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I totally get it. I just don’t see how anyone can argue the fact that the concept of a container is for something to be IN it… Seems extremely simple to me!

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Yes. I feel bad that I contributed… but hey, stuff goes in things :wink: :joy:

Once they have been put in a container, they are inside it.

Yes. If you read my previous post, you’d find I already covered that part. :slight_smile:

Hahaha… it’s just the crucifiction that takes place if you use the ‘wrong’ term.

images (2)

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Wasn’t he a cop in a wheel chair ?
Or was he ‘on’ a wheel chair ?

What is ‘HC’ on this diagram?

Given context and location I’d assume it was any hardware requiring direct access to the host OS
(Or is that going to start another flame war ?)

host control.

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Marius, is this correct ? The whole thread is predicated on HassOS 3.0 having just been released ?

With some trepidation I followed Tom’s link
(I had to download the discord app and register and confirm my email)
It seems to just lead to a single post cogneto thread with the picture he posted above (for anyone that is curious)

yes, and I can even update…


my other 2 systems are on 3.7!


I never can find the webpage where these releases are listed, would you have a link?
forget that last sentence. finally found it… bookmarked :wink:

still doesnt really list the changes as the regular Hassio release pages do.

compare the top of this thread:

with the changes in the release list:


are we even talking about the same thing here ?? Surely HassOS = HassOS…
or was that discussed above too :wink: