HassIO Discovery

New HassIO installation. Where in HassIO is device DISCOVERY enabled/disabled by default? That is, which specific file? I’m not referring to enabling/disabling specific device types as referred in the docs. I’ve looked thru all files viewable via configurator and haven’t even seen the word ‘discovery’. HASS has found a few devices, I just want to know where it is globally enabled or disabled.

This should be in your configuration.yaml file. Look for discovery:

They may also be discovered through default_config which includes zeroconf:

No it is not in configuration.yaml.

In configuration.yaml

On a new line simply type, discovery:
Save and reboot and it should start finding your devices.
It took me ages to work this out as some devices, zeroconf ones were found I presumed discovery was on already

Thanks…will try. The docs do not state this at all.

What about to disable limiting the discovering?
There are entries in my known_devices.yaml which I’m not really interested about.
Perhaps the file should created all commented (by default or by option) so one can decide which are those devices to take in account.

Look at the device tracker integration for known _devices as only that integration uses it and some have moved from using it as it’s being deprecated, not sure if you can stop new device trackers being added but U can disable tracking