Hassio does not boot to gui

After an update to a custom component I rebooted the installation. It then refused to take me to the GUI, using both hassio.local as well as the internal and external IP. I can ping the host and even can SMB to it, but it shows no GUI. I can start Putty on it, but as far as I know remote SSH is not enabled on it. Where do I start troubleshooting this?

First, make sure you didn’t do a duh like I did when I forgot that pesky port addition to the ip address I used ( xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8123 ).

Very aware about that, so no, I’m afraid that’s not it.

You could plug a monitor into whatever device is running HA and see if there are any useful messages output to console, but probably a fresh install and then restoring from backup is going to be your fastest path to resolution.

Strangely enough my automations continue to work, it’s just that the interface refuses to show.