Hassio - fails to restore from backup. How do I extract and apply my files from the backup

I’ve spent the day trying to rebuild HA after a failure. New SD card, good PS, etc.
I have tried six ways to Sunday to do a restore on a fresh build, but after a restore, I can never access the UI on either the default or previous external url.

I have also attempted to do a fresh build and backlevel HA to ~.75.3, which is my last good backup. But I get errors that it can’t configure hassio component.

So, If I rebuild from scratch and add the SSH and SAMBA add-ons, how do I extract the data from my backup and apply to the new system?

I’ve used WinRAR to open the snapshot file and extract the yaml files.

Not pretty, but I did dig through the files and get it back up and running. I should have cut my losses hours ago, and just done the manual rebuild.