Hassio fails to start after upgrade from 106.2 to 106.4

I upgraded to 106.4 via supervisor and hassio fails to start. I found that the hassio_audio container caused a starting loop. It would start and immediately shut down again wit an error in the log that watchdog found a problem with the hassio_audio application.

I run hassio on Synology using the synocommunity package.

I had to create an “external” folder under hass.io/audio/

eg: hass.io/audio/external

That let it startup hassio for me. I saw the error in the docker logs on the synology. Now just have an issue with the hassio_audio container cycling itself over and over.

I added the same folder and it allowed me to start the homeassistant docker manually. hassio_audio continues to cycle for me as well.

Thanks for sharing.