Hassio force update

I am unable to update to the latest hassio version, as the same update is not detected. I’m stuck at 0.112.4 and can’t update to 0.112.5. from https://version.home-assistant.io/stable.json I note that
“channel”: “stable”,
“supervisor”: “228”,
“homeassistant”: {
“default”: “0.112.4”,
“qemux86”: “0.112.4”,
“qemux86-64”: “0.112.4”,
“qemuarm”: “0.112.4”,
“qemuarm-64”: “0.112.4”,
“intel-nuc”: “0.112.4”,
“raspberrypi”: “0.112.4”,
“raspberrypi2”: “0.112.4”,
“raspberrypi3”: “0.112.4”,
“raspberrypi3-64”: “0.112.4”,
“raspberrypi4”: “0.112.4”,
“raspberrypi4-64”: “0.112.4”,
“tinker”: “0.112.4”,
“odroid-c2”: “0.112.4”,
“odroid-n2”: “0.112.4”,
“odroid-xu”: “0.112.4”
“hassos”: {
“ova”: “4.11”,
“rpi”: “4.11”,
“rpi0-w”: “4.11”,
“rpi2”: “4.11”,
“rpi3”: “4.11”,
“rpi3-64”: “4.11”,
“rpi4”: “4.11”,
“rpi4-64”: “4.11”,
“tinker”: “4.11”,
“odroid-c2”: “4.11”,
“odroid-n2”: “4.11”,
“odroid-xu4”: “4.11”,
“intel-nuc”: “4.11”
“hassos-cli”: “19”,
“cli”: “25”,
“dns”: “9”,
“audio”: “16”,
“multicast”: “2”,
“image”: {
“core”: “homeassistant/{machine}-homeassistant”,
“supervisor”: “homeassistant/{arch}-hassio-supervisor”,
“cli”: “homeassistant/{arch}-hassio-cli”,
“audio”: “homeassistant/{arch}-hassio-audio”,
“dns”: “homeassistant/{arch}-hassio-dns”,
“multicast”: “homeassistant/{arch}-hassio-multicast”
how can you force the update?

  1. There is no Hassio. You mean Home Assistant.
  2. Be patient. The build failed and was only re-released a few hours ago. Hitting the reload button in the supervisor / system tab forces a check.

you can’t force it if it’s not listed there.

but has anyone managed to update to the latest version?

Not offered here either, yet.

I am also not able to update from 0.112.4 to 0.112.5. I have tried it over terminal like this:

ha core update --version=0.112.5

with the result

20-07-17 09:22:26 ERROR (SyncWorker_1) [supervisor.docker.interface] Can't install homeassistant/qemux86-64-homeassistant:0.112.5 -> 404 Client Error: Not Found ("manifest for homeassistant/qemux86-64-homeassistant:0.112.5 not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown").

Are you running home assistant core?

i.e. in a python venv?

If not read the post two above yours.

no I don’t use ha core i.e. in a python venv. Unfortunately I had overlooked the post. Thanks @tom_l
So it means version 0.112.5 is only for HA core users?

That’s correct.