Hassio generic install - minimum storage?

I’m about to install hass.io into a virtual machine hosted on a Proxmox server.

What’s an appropriate size disk to allocate? The install guide suggests to use Debian in a generic install, but since the pi images weigh in at 150mb I was wondering if we could do better than that.

I hope to also install nodered.

Any guidance welcome.

The pi hassio image is a bare operating system that downloads the home assistant docker images. Hassio/HassOS is much much larger than 150mb

You will probably want a bare minimum of 16GB, and I would probably go with 32 to be on the safe side.

My HassOS install on a 32GB SD Card has around 22GB of free space - So I agree with flamingm0e, 16Gb minimum.

Thanks all. I should have realised the images weren’t the whole story.

I actually begun installing with a 16GB disk before reading this - I can easily expand it later if required so will stick with that for now.