Hassio Google assistant app?

Is there a way to get the Google assistant add on to show in the Google home app? I’m trying to link it to Spotify, but I can’t see to figure out how? Any ideas?


You’re confusing a hardware Google home with Google assistant.

Oh? I thought it acts just like a Google home? Because it can be activated with hey Google aswell… Well any idea how to link it to Spotify?

Like I said, you’re confusing two completely different things, you control a Google home with Google assistant. The Google home app allows you to set up the Google home so you can control its functions with Assistant. You need to spend the money if you want the functionality.

so there is no way to get it to link to spotify and play music like a normal android phone with google assistant or a real google home?

Music is not working yet on Google assistant devices that are not Google Home

But you must agree that Google made it hard to understand it all

Google app
Google Assistant
Google home app
Google home device
Languages that work on assistant but not Google home or viceversa
Some things works in the US only, other not
Cast audio works
Cast video does not work
Android for some things works, iPhone not, and viceversa

is all very confusing

ahh ok thank you. yes i agree it is confusing

They certainly do as I have said most other times people ask this :slight_smile:

Think of it like this, you have a light switch, you have a light bulb. You can flick the switch as much as you like but if they’re not connected together nothing will happen.

Google Assistant is just the switch, Spotify is the bulb. On your phone the connection is the Spotify app, a Google Home can do the same job. Hope that’s clearer.

Everyone thought releasing the Google Assistant and Alexa SDKs was the path to a free/cheap Home or Echo, unsurprisingly Amazon and Google aren’t that stupid.

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ahh ok, that explains a lot. im going to try the alexa thing for raspi, so im going to see if that works.


Really confusing! So, if I want to turn off the light via Google Assistant (without a Google Home - just the raspberry pi) I cant, can I?


Easiest way is to use IFTTT, there’s a guide in the HA docs and several user ones posted on here, example here…

You do need to expose HA to the outside world but you’d need to do that for any Assistant based solution.