Hassio hassos nest not working

Hello all. Ive been scouring the forums and trying for months to fix nest component of my instance.

Nest component loads but data is not being received from the thermostat. Reads constant temperature and humidity. Can update the mode. Cannot update target temperature.

Problem started around july 2018. Around 0.73 update.

Attempts made to resolve.
Opened ports in router.
Changed from old hassio to new hassos.
Deleted nest.conf.
Created new nest developer.
Changed all properties in nest developer.
Fresh install of hassos.

Im quite good with working through issues ive had with home assistant but this has had me stumped for months. Any help would be much appreciated.

I know hassos is very restricted but i cant seem to find any way of reverting to older versions of nest.py or adding it as a custom component to fiddle with it further. Am considering using hassbian again because its easy to adjust and install components from the command line.

Please help me. Im sure its something simple.
Will try and post some logs this evening and set up some nest debugging.

Thanks sam

I have the same issue. Have you found a solution to this problem?