Hassio Homebridge and Homekit, doens't appear any component

After install the Hombridge in Hassio I turn on the IOS APP and add Homeassistant, but after that doensn’t appear any component, do I need to do something more? Or components (switches, pir sensors, climate) should be automatic added?

homebridge-homeassistant is a plugin for you to connect to homekit.


You need to have component setup on homeassistant side (switches, pir sensors, climate).

I got a similar issue. I under the difference between the two and I’m setting up home assistant and I can add that bridge fine in home app. I really just want my garage (myq). Is there something I need to add to customize or something?

Homebridge-homeassistant support

Automations - on/off
Alarm Control Panels - arm (home, away, night), disarm, triggered
Binary Sensor - door, leak, moisture, motion, smoke, and window state
Climate - current temperature, target temperature, heat/cool mode
Cover - exposed as a garage door or window covering (see notes)
Device Tracker - home/not home status appears as an occupancy sensor
Fan - on/off/speed
Group - on/off
Input boolean - on/off
Lights - on/off/brightness
Lock - lock/unlock lock
Media Players - exposed as an on/off switch
Remotes - exposed as an on/off switch
Scenes - exposed as an on/off switch
Scripts - exposed as an on/off switch
Sensors - air quality, carbon dioxide (CO2), humidity, light, temperature sensors
Switches - on/off
Vacuums - on/off

if one of your devices is in the support list then you can add them in customize by follow from homebridge-homeassistant github.

I’m looking to add it to HomeKit. Not homebridge. It says cover is supported on the HomeKit page.

then have to see how you add cover to homeassistant

homeassistant homekit currently support cover and sensor.

I already have components homeassistant side (switches, pir sensors, climate), but those components doesnt appeaes in Homekit, I only see a HomeAssistant icon and thats all. May be do I have to turn something hidden to visible?

In your Hassio addon settings there will be an option called “default visibility” which needs to be set to “visible”. Try that first.

This topic is about Homebridge. The HomeKit component is something completely different.

I first answer about homebridge. then earlier post said about homekit.

On the post above I have both homebridge-homeassistant and homekit.

So you can see the setting from there.

After having al working, it is possible to use tje homekit IOS App (with homebrigde) in a different WLAN or internet conection than the raspberry with home assistant? I mean without having to use dns and port forwarding.

  - platform: myq
    username: xxx
    password: xx
    type: chamberlain

my garage has worked fine for a long time. i just dont see in the homekit documentation where you specify what entity would be exposed for example in emulated hue you add specific lines to the customize section.

Yes, the Home App will allow for remote access, as long as you have a Apple device that can act as a HomeKit hub, such as a AppleTV or iPad.

I don’t think garage covers are supported by the HomeKit component yet. The documentation mentions window covers, and says that it only is implemented for cover types that support ‘set_cover_position’, which I don’t think garage does.

Great, thanks. And there is any App for android like Homekit? My internet provider doens’t allow me to have public ip and open ports (my internet conection is like a big wlan) so I need an Android APP to have remote access without dns and portforwading (maybe something with a cloud or token, like BLYNK), besides Tor.

I installed the homebridge addon and works fine in Iphone 7s but doen’st work in iphone 7 or Iphone 6s or Ipad mini 2, any possible reason?