HASSIO + HomeKit support

Hi there,

I recently got into home automation and spent some money on fun things like smart bulbs, switches, sensors, etc.
I’m an Apple fan-boy so my first choice was to use Apple’s HomeKit API.
Going into this, I realized I can’t possibly have all my smart stuff be HomeKit-enabled OOTB since they are rather expensive (and DIY is much more fun anyway) and so I came across HomeBridge, which I set up on a RPi (using my AppleTV as the hub).

Now it works quite well but I keep seeing HASSIO being mentioned A LOT in Home Automation forums/reddit, kind of like a gold standard in home automation (am I being too dramatic?) and it got me interested, especially with the new HomeKit component (plus it’s Python-based [yay!], and the community seems much larger) which means I won’t have to use homebridge at all.

I’ve been wondering, though, before making the jump to HASSIO - are there any performance implications I should expect for the better/worse? Also - anything else to take into consideration?

Thank you very much!