Hassio hungs rPi freeze

I have hassio 0.114.2 installed on raspberry pi 3b+ on SD card and working on WIFI. I installed it 5 days ago and it already froze twice. When it freezes it does not respond to any remote access. No ssh, no UI, not even ping. Powering it down and up brings it to full life. At normal work resources shown by glances are:
CPU 15%, RAM free 400 MB, DISK free 19GB, temp 64C.
I have following addons:
Appdaemon4, FileEditor, Glances, HomeAssistant Google Drive Backup, Mosquitto broker, Node-Red, SSH&Web terminal, Samba share, zigbee2mqtt, zigbee2mqttassistant.
Glances, Google Cast, HACS, Meteorologisk Institutt, Mikrotik Router, Mobile App, Mosquitto broker, Sonos, Transmission.
Sonoff LAN, zigbee2mqtt Networkmap, Xiaomi passive BLE monitor sensor platform, Mikrotik Router
CC2531 with zigbee2mqtt.
I tried to see if it is just network problem so i installed Ping sensor to router and automated it to backup log then restart hassio. It did not do anything, so i suspect it is real hardware freeze.
What can i do to investigate the cause?

P.S. I had the same configuration on Home Assistant installed on ubuntu server (dockers) and it also did hung the server, so i bought rPi3b+ and switched to hassio. Unfortunatelly it is still happening.

I recommend you not using an SD card and using ethernet instead of wifi. I used to have the same setup and after two SD cards damaged I moved to SSD and I have not have issues after that.