Hassio Hyper-V Bluetooth dongle?

Hi experts,

I used to run my hassio on an Rasp Pi B model, as a test I installed Hassio on Hyper V using the base image from


got everything setup and definately everything is running much faster the the PI, but I got a few Xiaomi Temp Sensor which requires Bluetooth connection.

I am just wondering if it is currently possible to use a Bluetooth dongle on my Windows host machine, connect that to the Hassio Hyper-V image? will hassio automaitcally pick it up?



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I know this is a very old post, but i’ll answer it so others may get a solution. :slight_smile:
You can flash a ESP8266 device (like a sonoff switch, or preferably a NodeMcu), with tasmota software, and then connect at HM-10 BLE device to it, this seems to support many Xiaomi BLE devices, this way you can send the details from your BLE devices to Home Assistant using MQTT…

I have not tried the solution my self, as i have no supported BLE devices, but i have tried lots of other similar solutions with sensors directly attached to an ERP8266 device and also with the Sonoff RF Bridge i have some 433MHz sensors connected…

This is just a suggestion, it is not meant as a final solution, nor an explicit answer to the OP’s question… :slight_smile: