Hassio in docker - bind volumes and zigbee2mqtt addon data files

I’m running hassio as a container in Raspbian. Some addons, like zigbee2mqtt, let you define a data path to persistently store things like the zigbee nework, so you can back it up. For example

I have this addon working, but I got confused the fact that it’s running inside a container and doesn’t have access to </home/pi/docker/zigbee2mq>

I used the convenience script to install hassio, and using the -d flag, I define the user data folder so I can access it.

sudo curl -sL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/home-assistant/hassio-installer/master/hassio_install.sh | bash -s – -m raspberrypi3 -d /home/pi/docker/hassio

You can see portainer listing the volumes that are created.

What should be entered into the addon’s “data_path” when hassio is running in a container with these bind volumes? I’d like to be able to get to it so I can back it up.