Hassio install - cannot find wifi network by SSID on RPI3 B+

Hi everybody,

First time runner here, just trying to install hass.io on RPI3. Install went well, then I created CONFIG/network/my-network file and filled it with correct wifi information.

But when booting up, no connection.
ok, logged into hassio as root, then login to get prompt
nmcli c up my-network ifname wlan0


Error; Connection activation failed: The WiFi network could not be found.

Network IS there, it IS reachable by RPI 3B+ (have another SD card with raspbian, that one connects).

Any ideas what to try? I have one wifi dongle as well, but that does not seem to be recognized by HASSIO (again, works in raspbian).

on a side note - do I understand correctly, that this # prompt that i get when i write “login” in hassio, is actually inside some docker container? if so, then is there a way to get access to underlying linux, one which is closest to hardware and has maybe iwconfig and wpa_supplicant, that this # prompt does not? or am i completely wrong here?


A Hassio install image runs HAssOs which is not a full Linux system. I think you are supposed to put the usb stick with the configuration file into the Pi before booting HassOs for the first time. I use a wired connection so I did not have to do that,

If you have a display and keyboard connected, you can use the ‘nmcli’ utility once you get the login shell. I don’t have the link to the instructions, but they are around.

thanks guys.
Everything is OK with the configuration file - I can see the configuration with NMCLI. Its just that wifi adapter does not, for some reason, see my network. It seems as it’s sensitivity is tuned down - I can see only 2 networks in NMCLI scan, but there are at least 10 around here visible normally… :frowning:

If you are using a Raspberry Pi 3 instead of a newer version it only has 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. Are you sure your home network uses 2.4 in addition to the faster 5 GHz? The non-overlapping 2.4GHz channels in the US are 1, 6, and 11.

I have model B+, and it works ok with Raspbian, just not HASSIO :frowning:

One another thing that came to mind which might affect is that as wifi router is quite far away, i am using TP-Link wifi extender. But again, it works ok with Raspbian and other (linux and android) devices I have around…

OK. you have dual-band Wi-Fi then. Your original post indicated a RPi 3.

Thanks, clarified it in the original post too