HassIO installation in Docker on mobile OnePlus 6T

Hi all,

I had an idea to install Hassio on mobile, because of I want to create small portable server of home assistant for portable lights controlled by espHome from HA.
I have DIY lights conected to wemos D1 mini and lights are powered supply by powerbank.
So I want to create HA server independent of power supply and mobile phone is quite good choice as hardware by my opinion. I had old OnePlus 6T so I flashed to mobil phone postmarketOS and installed on it docker → this was easy. Now I installed to docker HA (this guidelines docker-compose) but only core and this is not enaught for my usecase. I want to install HassIO because I need to use eg. espHome addon, etc… In mobile phone is architecture aarch64. Is exist eg. any version or beta version of Hassio which I could use in Docker and with architecture aarch64??

Many thanks for any advise.