Hassio.io tab missing

In the browser if I the the IP address of the pi it says site can’t be reached.

But if I put https:// myduckdns:8123 home assistant loads but without the has.io tab

No no no, not internet browser, you should be typing that into a new file browser.

Even typing the pi IP address into the new file explorer it opens a new tab in internet explorer

are you using two \\

OMG it worked I was using // instead of \

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Just uncommented the discovery. And doing a restart.

Thanks ever so much petro. The hass.io tab has returned and all add-ons are accessible again. Really happy I didn’t have to rebuild it.

Thanks again

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Hi! Sorry to barge in on an existing topic but I seem to have a similar problem, I cant see the hass.io tab.

  • Running in a docker
  • Web interface and samba share accessible
  • Added hassio: to config but get an error saying “Invalid config. The following components and platforms could not be set up: hassio”

Anything else I can try?

Did you install Hass.io or just Home Assistant in Docker?

The docker is called home-assistant so I guess it’s only Home Assistant. Is there anyway to add hass.io to my install?

No you have to install hass.io to get hass.io - The generic Linux install for hass.io will do that.

To drag this back from the dead…

I’m also in this situation of not having that (seemingly) important Hass.io tab. I’m using a Windows 10 machine . The install guide had me install Python, but that was it. From Python I was able to install Home Assistant. Nowhere can I find out how to add that “Hass.io” tab?

Other than that, Home Assistance operates fine, so far. I’m just starting. I’ll be integrating ESPHome (for power monitoring) this coming week. Looks like I can install ESPHome (on my version) by clicking on “Configuration” then selecting “Integrations” followed by a click on the round orange “+” tab. Then a list pops up which ESPHome is listed. My ESP32 will be here Monday. Can’t wait to play!

This stuff is a hoot.

so as per the post directly above yours, if you don’t have the Supervisor (formerly hassio) tab then you didn’t install Home Assistant Supervised (formerly hassio) you just installed Home Assistant Core (formerly Home Assistant). Confused yet?

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Mildly. :slight_smile: But I think I’m starting to understand. So, can I do a re-install of the proper version? Is this a limitation by not using a VM or or Linux box/Pi?

If need be, I’ll create a VM if that sinkin’ tab is all that important/necessary. :slight_smile: Sure seems to get reference a lot.

It just enables you to install addons more easily particularly if you are unfamiliar with docker/linux etc.
You should be able to install supervised in a VM.

Thanks, David.
I think what I’ll do is wait until my ESP32 is here. Then I’ll learn if I can just march on or if I should stop and do an install via a VM.

Anyhow…now I understand there are TWO types of installs with Home Assistant. Thank you. :slight_smile: