Hassio latest Supervisor Update 2021.03.3 broke my installation

The latest Supervisor Update 2021.03.3 broke my installation. I’m running hassion on an ubunt 18.04 (yeah I know it’s not really supported anymore, but was without major problems so far)

Any idea? Seems something in the authentication broke, superivsor log is throwing:

(MainThread) [supervisor.homeassistant.api] Can't update Home Assistant access token!

and homeassistant states:

Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from supervisor (

I have no idea how to fix this, so far nothing helped. (rebooting, running install script again) :confused:

would be thankfull for any hint.

So far… Change to a supported install, otherwise you’ll have breakings like this more and more up until to the point where it can’t be fixed anymore.

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yes i know, but it’s no easy task with all the dependencies you accumulate over the years.
a homeassistant blue would be my weapon of choice, if it’s someday available again.

whats your recommendation on a ubuntu host with the need of addons?

You can still buy the Odroid-N2+ without the fancy case.

these are also currently sold out in germany. :confused:

someone has an idea how i can revert to the 2021.02 supervisor to get the system at least up again?

They have local distributors in the US, UK and Australia.

Switch to a Debian 10 host or run Home Assistant Container and install containers that the add-ons use.

with this route i can use the normal addon containers which hassio uses? I’m not sure i grasped the concept there…

Add-ons are docker containers modified in a special way to work together with supervisor etc.
You won’t get the exact same thing as from an add-on when you install containers yourself. However if you are not that familiar with docker this can be a bit hard in the beginning.
Why don’t you switch to Debian?

FWIW, I use Home Assistant Container for years and haven’t found anything that supervisor has to offer that I don’t get with installing containers myself.

Way back i had an core installation in a venv. Then while upgrading the server i switched to the supervisor to minimize maintenance and dependency since stuff broke all the time with any application update. Now my server is running a ton of other stuff, recreating all this while used to ubuntu on debian will be pain.

I would like ha to “just work” since it’s a core feature in my infrastructure so the appliance route with a ondroid might be the way to go.

Just a hint, even not supported by HA itself. I’m running on Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS and have no problems.

Can’t you run VMs on your server?

yea this might be an alternative, i have vbox running. but still would need to get the instance up and running since i fucked up my snapshots and have no current valid backup.

How do we know that the issue is the version of the host that the OP is running and not something that is completely unrelated?

tho, the issue still becomes that there is no way to get any “official” help even if it’s not a problem with the host OS until you run a “supported” OS.

I know and it was just a desperate cry for help… I’ll migrate to a supported separate appliance.

You know what? that it was definitely related to the host OS? :man_shrugging:

I didn’t change a thing, and the error appeared after updating to the latest supervisor.
At least HA is running the basics without so far… I’ll ordered an ondroid and will migrate. Would like to have it separated anyway to get it more independent since my installation grew pretty big.