Hassio: link becomes ready

Pi 2 trying to install hassos_rpi2-1.5, installation boots the Pi and runs through its commands and ‘hangs’ and sits at hassio: link becomes ready.
Wired Ethernet connection flashes so there may be activity but the installation sits at this state.
I am new to Home Assistant and would appreciate any help!

could take a couple of hours on a pi2

On a Pi3 it takes about 20 minutes, so a Pi2 will be easily be half an hour to 40 minutes.

During this time it’s downloading and installing Home Assistant, and preparing it for use.

Thanks for the information, there has been some movement overnight have gotten two more lines and gotten to ‘starting eudev-3.2.4’ so I guess I will just wait.
Thanks again!

Did yours ever complete? I’m seeing the same thing. I started the install earlier today, and came back to the same spot you reached (it was sitting at ‘hassio: link becomes ready’ when I left, and now sits at ‘starting eudev-3.2.4’ 7 hours later).

It did but there is no logo on the Pi screen or any sign that it is complete. I can access it from one computer that is physically connected to the same hub using the IP method but I can’t connect to it from another computer on the network. I can ping it but can’t access it … strange!

Everything seems to be up and running, now the challenges of learning how to deal with all this!

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