Hassio local address not resolving. Have to use IP

Hi, running hassio on virtual box VM on intel machine. On that machine I can access via hassio via http://hassio:8123 however on any other machine on same network (accessed through WiFi router which is separate from modem my Intel machine is on) it doesn’t work an do have to use IP Address of the VM.

Not end of world but this wasnt the case on a previous release, I upgraded yesterday.

Any idea?

There’s your problem. You probably have a double Nat. The other network can’t see the broadcasts happening on the same network your HA is on. Fix your network and it should work.

Thanks - any pointers on what to do - just restart everything or something else? Appreciate it.


How would this fix your broken network? You need to fix the double network issue. That’s outside the scope of home assistant.

No you don’t. He’s using hassio. His post plainly states he has multiple networks.

Yes, your right.