HASSIO Mosquito Port 1883 in use

Hi from Portugal,

I’m going directly to the problem. Changed the power source to a better one and after start hassio, my MQTT Mosquito broker won’t start unless i change the defaults ports
1883/tcp to 1882
1884/tcp to 1885
8883/tcp to 8882
8884/tcp to 8885
something like this.
I can’t found solution, the available info is very old.
There is any ssh command to see which service is using this ports?

Sounds like you have another broker that’s already running?
Have you added the mosquitto add on and also activated ha’s built in mqtt broker by chance?

Strange is i don’t touch anything. Where i can see if built in broker is running? I did not even know that is a built in mqtt broker :thinking:

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Have you defined mqtt in your config:

if so and if you have not provided details of your mosquitto broker, HA will use a built on one, so when you try and use mosquitto, it complains that port 1883 is already in use…

Thank you. Tonight i will figure this out and post again

Have you installed Node-Red by any chance ?

The embedded broker (HBMQTT) don’t look is running…
With the command netstat -tulpn | grep LISTEN

My config is this, so it should use mosquito


Where i can see detail mosquito addon api log file?

It’s working now, after a snapshot restore.
After 2 hours to figure out the problem with

homeassistant.components.mqtt: debug
homeassistant.core: debug
homeassistant.components.api: debug

can’t find nothing wrong… decided restore from a snapshot and setup what was missing.

Thank you @lolouk44 and @xAPPO

Did you ever figure out a solution for this. Having the same problem… Node-Red installed

Get this in the log:
1567713033: New connection from on port 1883.
[INFO] found mqtt_broker on local database
1567713034: New client connected from as DVES_1BA3E0 (p2, c1, k30, u’mqtt_broker’).

So something is happening…