HassIO network connection no longer functional

Hi all,

I’ve looked through a bunch of similar posts, and cannot find anything that might be causing this…

Here are the facts;

  • It’s not a layer 2 issue, cable swapped, switch swapped, link lights ON on the Pi.
  • IP is statically assigned via nmcli, so no dhcp/router issues to consider
  • From CLI (logged in locally, to the host, not within the docker), HassIO host cannot ping local gateway (or beyond), and I cannot ping the Pi on local network.

As i only have local access and no SSH, output of nmcli below is a select few lines i’m hoping may show an issue or that all is well…

#nmcli connection show
HassOS default UUID ethernet eth0
#nmcli connection show "HassOS default"
connection.interface-name: --
802-3-ethernet.port: --
802-3-ethernet.mac-address: --
general.devices: eth0
general.state: activated
general.default: yes
IP4.ROUTE[1]: dst =, nh =, mt = 100
IP4.ROUTE[2]: dst =, nh =, mt = 100

Any advice on how to further troubleshoot this matter would be greatly appreciated.