Hassio no booting anymore after change in custom .py


I just changed something in a custom .py file for a fix attempt and now after a restart, Hassio is not booting anymore.

I also do not have any backup (stupid, I know).

What options do I have to fix it?
I just need to get into the file in the Hassio file directory and reverse the change I made, at least I think that this will help here.

did some progress:
i put my sd card into a virtual box running ubuntu allowing me to read and backup all contents.

but i hoped to edit the custom component, which is not possible with read only rights. is there a way to achieve this?

i just want to avoid to create a new hassio image

and i fixed it myself by using the following command on the folder I needed to edit:

sudo -i nautilus

long story:

  1. As I do not have a Linux machine I installed oracle’s virtual box and downloaded and installed ubuntu on that virtual box.
  2. I then installed the official oracle virtual box extension pack to enable accessing my usb drive attached to my windows PC via the virtual box
  3. inserted my rpi hassio microsd
  4. added the microsd as usb drive from within the virtual box settings
  5. restarted ubuntu in order to show all folders on the microsd
  6. per default only read access is available so I right clicked on the “home assistant” folder and selected to run with terminal
  7. within terminal i just ran the following command in order to have write access:
sudo -i nautilus