Hassio no good after a long period away

Hi guys.
So ive been on an extended holiday, and havent touched HA for a while. Its still on version 0.68.1.
“result”: “ok”,
“data”: {
“version”: “0.68.1”,
“last_version”: “0.81.6”,
“machine”: “raspberrypi3”,
“image”: “homeassistant/raspberrypi3-homeassistant”,
“custom”: false,
“boot”: true,
“port”: 8123,
“ssl”: true,
“watchdog”: true,
“wait_boot”: 600

When i try to do anything via CLI, i get a 403 error.
Error decoding json invalid character ‘:’ after top-level value: 403: Forbidden

The HassIO tab does eventually load, but takes FOREVER.

What the hell changed while I was away ? I havent yet updated as I was going away and didnt want to deal with the auth changes etc. Should I just update and be done with it ?

I’d do a snapshot, save it externally and bake a new SD card with the HassOS version of HassIO, then load the snapshot onto it

I know im reviving a SUPER old thread, but here goes:
I managed to bandaid the thing as long as i could without updating it – which means ive got to ~30 versions out of date.

So i finally bit the bullet (its a long weekend here, and its getting cold) - but rather than just getting a new SD card, ive totally migrated my instance.

I got a Z85 based atom Mini PC - running ubuntu
HassIO running via docker
I did try to just restore a snapshot, but the whole thing failed horribly due to the large number of config changes – so i just manually migrated across my config, fixing it bit by bit.

Ive noticed a SIGNIFICANT performace increase, especially since moving the recorder database off sqlite3 and onto MySQL running in another container.

I guess it gets to a point where a RPi just cant quite keep up anymore.