Hassio not loading with continuous scroll of fsm 1, hsts 00000001 error

Ok I came home tonight with my home assistant not working at all. After hooking up the raspberry pi to the monitor after rebooting, I get a continuous scroll of this error fsm 1, hsts 00000001. Now online it says it is a card error, but I can put the card into my pc and read the files on the card. I was going to re-format it, but the card says it is file protected files. I can pause hass io from launching and put it in to hassos mode on the raspberry pi, but I am unsure of what to do from there to get a fresh update or diagnose what to do. Anyone else run across this?

Woke up this morning with the same issue, not a lot of help here it seems. Did you figure it out?

same here; I was also not able to install a fresh version of hass.io using the 2.10 image (stuck on “preparing hass.io” for hours); I had to go back to 1.13 which I had downloaded previously

It was an sd card failure while I was trying to update hassio that causes the failure. The sd card is basically trashed if you are getting the same error. I had to start over with a brand new sd card and install everything from scratch. As a result to all this I am starting to manually backup my yaml files when I do a backup because you lose everything. Hassio needs to have a backup option to a separate drive option than to just the sd card… Good luck!

I was afraid it was something like that. I been running HA on this SD card for 6 months now and I knew about the sd issue, but I did think i was so crapy. Should I buy a more expensive SD card or is an external SDD the only way? Seems like the SD card is not completely dead, but I has not had the time to format and made a new boot image.

Have you heard of snapshots??? Complete with addons that do offsite backups to Google Drive of Dropbox? There is no excuse for getting into this situation other than your own complacency!

Try a High Endurance card or a Samsung EVO.

Bitching that there is not a lot of help is not going to get you help. People only respond if they have an answer… No one here owes you an answer.

I have the Samsung EVO 32gb, since so many people struggle with this issue, I am uncertain if a high endurance card is enough.

Bitching, come on… After 17 days without any response, and not alot of response when I google same fault codes. I think this was i fair question. I see you guys in here uses the same reaction in similar posts. We are all in the same community here, trying to get HA to work as best as it possible could

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Why do you think you have any right to demand any response…

Demand…!! LOL… I have no time to argue with you on this mater.

agengr1293: Thanks for you response and update on this issue. I will not use alot of time to fix the existing card. I will go right to the process of purchasing a new SD or SDD.
Thanks mate.

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Magz I know it is a huge ordeal to start over from scratch. The card is useless after that error pops up. In fact I can’t even reformat the card even though I can see files there. They are read only, so something is fouling the card up. I had a 64GB EVO and replaced it with a 32 GB Utlra+ based on some things I read online about speeds. Understand your frustration. DavidFW1960 can you elaborate more on getting backups from google drive or drop box. I am very interested in that. My backups went to the card and I was unable to restore any of them unfortunately.

This just happened to me a few days ago… I even had a high endurance evo 64gb card on it… With all of us hitting this issue this week. Seems a lot less likely like a hardware issue than a software bug.

Only just saw this… there are hassio addons for both Google Drive and Dropbox to automatically backup snapshots. Just search the forum and you will find the addons and instructions.

Here’s the dropbox one Hass.io Add-on: Upload hassio snapshots to Dropbox

Here’s the google drive one Created new add-on to backup snapshots to Google Drive

Worth noting that I get this error on the pi, macOS disk util lets me create an image and sees all 8 partitions… I’m going to try to use ext4fuse to pull of latest files and reimagine it…

It’s now the second time this happened to me. Both times with a Samsung EVO Plus 32GB. Only after a few months of operation. I found no way to make the SD-Card writable (not MacOS, nor Windows).

Just happened for the third time. Anyone?

Seems that I have to exchange the SD-card every six months…

I had the same problem, stop buying the EVO cards. The home assistant page has suggestions on which cards to buy. Performance is better on the non-EVO cards.

True! Moved completely away from SD cards. It’s booting (much faster btw) now from TFTP server and uses a NFS share for the file system.

How did you get that up and running?