Hassio on a Raspberry Pi 1 B


Excuse me if this question has been asked previously, I have just signed up and a quick search yielded no such results. I am a 17 year old student, and after my final exams I intend to purchase a couple of wifi “smart” switches and hopefully manage to use them together with Amazon’s Echo and Hassio running on my Raspberry Pi.

My question is, must I use Hassio with a Raspberry Pi 3 B as stated under Getting Started ?
Or could the OS work just as well on my Raspberry Pi 1 B?
Just looking to save around 50 euros heh (device + shipping + case)


I ran hass on a rpi 1. Slow and painful. A restart takes several minutes, got tired and bought a rpi 3. But it works.

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hassio or at least the build that was current when I tried a few months ago didn’t work for me. I managed to get hassbian installed + up and running on the 1b though but not without significant effort.

After a few hours tracking down error codes and learning as I went I narrowed it down to some python stuff not being installed properly. The 1B lacked the ram to install so I got around it using a swap file.

That did give a functional HA setup but I quickly ran into more cpu/ram limitations as I added more components so I ended up buying 3B shortly after.

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I agree. Had Hassio running on an RPi2: it worked but reboot time was painful, and in the first months playing with tecnologies, components and automations you will have to restart a lot. Changing to an RPi3 was worthwhile.

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Thanks for the feedback guys, I’ll order a RPi 3B and hopefully won’t face too many problems setting hassio up…

Hi, and i had a pi1b but i like to use it as Remote for my Main HA on a Linux VM .

Can any Help me where i can find the right Image for the SD?

Can i use the 32 bit Image for the pi3?

Sincerelly, :slightly_smiling_face: