Hassio on MacBook Air via Proxmox

I currently have Hassio up and running on an old i5 mba (which ironically has no battery), but since I have no other use for the machine, I thought it would be a good upgrade from the Rpi and inherent sd problems.

However, I have yet to figure out how to turn off the screen and the “apple” light, both of which create heat, waste power, and certainly can’t be a good long term solution.

Any guidance on how I can accomplish this?

The apple light is powered by the backlight of the screen I think

That is correct. My question is how to disable the screen backlight.

I don’t know if closing the lid is an option. But if it is could this be a solution? https://github.com/integralpro/nosleep

The Mac is no longer running osx. That being said, I’ve got it running with the lid closed via a Linux command I can’t recall, but the screen backlight stays lit.