Hassio on proxmox split up into several VMs/containers or not?

I have recently installed proxmox and followed the very good installation instructions by whiskerz007.

Everything is working fine, I have hassio installed and node-red, influxdb, grafana, mariadb and a few other addons. But I am now getting a little bit confused about if this is the best way to do this… I have just started to learn about linux LXC containers and maybe it would be more stable if I install for example mariadb and influxdb in separate containers… or separate virtual machines… That way I can just have the databases running all the time and they will not have to be restarted when I mess around with home assistant configurations. Anyone have any suggestions about this?

I use Proxmox and have the following LXC containers:

Home Assistant (not HASS.io)
Node Red
HomeBridge (though gradually migrating over to the HA integration)

It may not work for everyone, but I like having the separate components in different containers.

I also have a Ubuntu Server in a KVM (virtual machine) that runs Docker. On there I have Docker containers for Dev Home Assistant, influxdb, grafana, tasmota manager and a few others.

I have nightly container backups to my NAS as well as nightly SMB backups of the config files for HA & NR

As I say, may not be the best for everyone, but it works for me.



That looks like a good setup… That kind of setup should be reasonably straight forward to setup, right?
No issues with LXC containers not being able to connect to each other or things like that? Did you set them all up with bridged network cards? unprivileged containers?
I did run into some issues when I created an unprivileged container running plex media server and then tried to access a network share where I have my movies… I spent a whole day trying to figure that out and eventually had to change to a privileged container.

Yep no issues at all. All the containers are unprivileged. The trick for you Plex server or any share you need to access is to mount it on the host, then you can add it as mount points in the GUI on Proxmox.

HA runs great and the backups restore in about 2 mins if needed. Reboots are so much quicker than a Pi too.

I’m currently ongoing installing HASS on proxmox using whiskerz007 scripts too…

Sorry an old thread but maybe you can help. Trying to set up a nodered container. All ok but the first part I am stuck on is how to create the service file to get nodered to start up on its own each time.

Also, my container asks for my login on the console after each reboot. Can nodered start up without having to login here on the shell command?


Update: Finally got it sorted. created a new file in /etc/systemd/system/
wrote the lines into the file and started up the service

Description=node-red graphical event wiring tool


# uncomment the next line for a more verbose log output
ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/node-red $NODE_OPTIONS $NODE_RED_OPTIONS



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I’m using your scripts to configure everything in lxc containers. But I’m unable to run influxdb. I just don’t know how to configure it! Can you help me?

Sorry, I don’t use InfluxDB. I’m sure someone will chime in with help.