Hassio on RP4, Influxdb+Grafana on QNAP NAS?

I have been using Hassio for few years, it runs on RP4 (I recently switched my Raspberry3 to Raspberry4). Hassio is installed on SSD drive and it has been working mostly great. Except I would like my sensor data to last long-term, for example I would like to see what was the temperature A YEAR AGO, and I guess the only way for me to achieve is with Influxdb, and Grafana adds nice graphs as well if I have understood right.

Now I am switching from old WD MyCloud NAS to QNAP NAS, and found out that it’s possible to install both Influxdb database and Grafana to NAS, so that’s what I plan to do.

But is it possible that my Hassio will remain on my RP4, and it would use Influxdb and Grafana installed on my NAS? I have been trying to find some “for dummies” -type guide for that, but seems like people generally install Home Assistant on the same environment with Influxdb and Grafana: either all on Raspberry or all on NAS. Does it slow down things if HASS is not on the same machine as Influxdb and Grafana? Or does that not matter? If not, can I use official Influxdb and Grafana integrations or does those work only when installed on Raspberry?

And now I started to think that maybe I should install both Influxdb and Grafana on the same RP4 where I have my Hassio installed. Because of SSD it should be fast and I would guess that official Influxdb and Grafana integrations also work better that way. And I just checked that of 110 GB disk space, Hassio currently uses 9GB so there should be space. And I backup my Home Assistant daily automatically anyway.

I guess I originally thought about installing Influxdb on NAS because I thought it would need A LOTS of disk space but I’m not sure how much space that database needs as I don’t seem to find any info about average database size for people. I do want to store sensor data for a long time though…