Hassio on SSD on Rpi4 - definitive yes or no?

There’s a lot of threads regarding running Hassio with a RPi4 and an SSD but I simply don’t see any with definitive answers.

I do know RPi4 cannot boot from USB directly. That’s fine, it can boot from SD and then load everything else from SSD. Or can it? If yes, how?


Until foundation releases a “firmware” update for Pi4 that allows USB booting, you’ll need to put the boot file system on uSD but the root file system can be SSD. (I use a script called ‘usb-boot’ found in a forum that moves the root system from uSD to SSD and fixes all the info in database.). However, there are lots of reports about some USB3 chipsets not working well with Pi4. Google is your friend here for finding a chipset that others have reported as successful.

Or wait til native USB booting is supported…

I will wait, yeah. Thanks!